Eliminate Contraband by 100% from all mail types processed by TextBehind®

TextBehind® has connected hundreds and thousands of loved ones, and since our inception, there has not been a single contraband issue.

You can finally say good-bye to any contraband in the inmate mail for good. And, its FREE for the correctional institutions.


All electronic communications are paid for by the family & friends of the incarcerated loved ones when they use the TextBehind website or mobile app for convenience. Due to affordable cost, value, and faster delivery times, the physical mail volume is reduced, thus making it more affordable to process at no additional cost.

TextBehind® Performance

Based on Actual Data

Contraband Elimination From Inmate Mail
Full control on Mail Review, Approval & Investigations
Reduction in Mail Related Grievances
Reduction in Mail Processing Time and Related Costs
Reduction in Physical Mail Volume and Billing
Customer Service Response within ONE-HOUR
Rating by Family &
4.8 / 5.0
Rating by Correctional Institutions
4.9 / 5.0

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Need to Customize the TextBehind Mail Processing & Delivery Solution?

We can certainly accommodate a wide range of needs for your county correctional facility, state department of corrections of any size, and the institutions under the Federal Bureau Of Prisons across the continental U.S., and abroad.

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Off-site Inmate Mail Scanning, Archival, and Administrative Services

TextBehind® is currently providing off-site mail scanning, long-term data archival, search, and backend administrative services to the county and state correctional institutions nationwide.

Our process is quite familiar yet, unique based on Solution Packaging methodology and its easy Implementation without significant infrastructure change or hefty costs. Instead, we help you save a significant amount of time, cost, and effort when receiving and distributing inmate mail daily.

Here are some key highlights of our service:

  • TextBehind provides a new mailing address for all incoming and outgoing inmate mail to be received and processed.

  • All mail volume is processed within 24 hours regardless of volume.

  • Our mail scanning error rate is less than 1:10,000 scans.
  • All mail contents, such as both sides of the envelope, and all contents inside are scanned using the highest quality 
standards in the industry.
  • The quality standards, educational materials, and the service rollout offered by TextBehindhelp re duce inmate 
mail-related grievances by 95%. Please refer to the TextBehind Performance data to the left-hand side.
  • All inmate scanned mail, including the envelopes, letters, documents, photos, and greeting cards are presented for 
review and approval by the correctional institution via a highly secure cloud-based software equipped with dynamic 
tools for mail content redaction and rejection interfaces.

  • TextBehind takes care of all backend administrative work to ensure smooth and hassle-free mail management 
operation for the correctional institution. Our standard SOP documents for mail operations are available upon request.

Service implementation and pricing:

Generally, TextBehind provides the inmate mail scanning, long-term data archival, investigative software, and 
administrative services at no cost to the correctional institutions as long as our easy terms of service are met. However, we recommend scheduling a presentation with our team to learn about the entire scope of our services, and 
to make a well-informed decision.

Depending on the service model selected, the implementation can be completed within 30 days after service agreement.

We are here to provide you with an objective analysis of what we have learned in the industry after working with a growing list of state and county correctional institutions over the years.

Associated topic:

Mail Management & Investigative Software

TextBehind® CAMMP is a highly advanced, and efficient cloud-based technology that works on all types of computers, browsers, and network enviroments. This secure system enabled the correctional facility mailroom staff to review, redact, reject, approve, and perform a variety of mail management tasks with just a few clicks.

Additionally, the same system also offers a series of investigating functions, such as smart search, auto-content discovery, inmate watchlist, inmate housing records, gang identification and so much more.