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Contraband mitigation strategies related to communication security and mailroom process efficiencies are a relatively newer avenue where so much is not yet fully known or well-understood.

Many state DOCs and County correctional facilities relied on our objective approach to understanding contraband issues related to inmate mail.

We are grateful for the trust shown by our valued clients.

We focus on educating our clients before talking about business. The reason being, unless we understand the issues faced by each facility, how can we say that we are solving the problem and helping a client? It is a relationship of service, professionalism, and ongoing dedication to our client’s interests.

TextBehind® Performance

Based on Actual Data

Contraband Elimination From Inmate Mail
Full control on Mail Review, Approval & Investigations
Reduction in Mail Related Grievances
Reduction in Mail Processing Time and Related Costs
Reduction in Physical Mail Volume and Billing
Customer Service Response within ONE-HOUR
Rating by Family &
4.8 / 5.0
Rating by Correctional Institutions
4.9 / 5.0

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