TextBehind® is one of the highest rated, and recommended inmate mail services.

We sincerely appreciate those thousands of loved ones, and correctional facility officers who took the time to talk about TextBehind® service on our website, mobile apps, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Online Forums, newspapers, magazines, direct emails, letters of appreciation, and recommendations.

Why TextBehind is OFTEN called “too good to be true”? Until they see it work!

There are many “behind-the-scene” aspects of any service where things don’t do as expected regardless of good intentions.

At TextBehind, we actively communicate with our customers, and our team make every possible effort to make it right when unexpected things happen, however rare they might be.

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We can certainly accommodate a wide range of needs for your county correctional facility, state department of corrections of any size, and the institutions under the Federal Bureau Of Prisons across the continental U.S., and abroad.

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Service Satisfaction Survey Results from PA, VA, IL and NC

The following survey results were collected from 12 different correctional facilities from 4 states to determine if TextBehind clients were experiencing the same level of quality and satisfaction across different service models.

1) Did TextBehind manage to eliminate contraband from inmate mail?
Aggregate Response:YES
2) Did TextBehind help you save time and reduce effort when processing inmate mail as compared to before TextBehind was implemented?
Aggregate Response: At least 50% Time Saved
3) Did TextBehind service help reduce the volume of inmate grievances related to their mail?
Aggregate Response: YES
4) How would you rate TextBehind service based on your likeness?
Aggregate Response: 5 Stars - Highly Satisfied

TextBehind Performance Data

Based on Actual Data


Recommendation Letters from Correctional Facilities

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Review Excerpts from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and Adult Corrections (NCDPS)

  • “The Mailroom staff really like using it.”
  • “Cuts down on contraband and unknown fear of substances on/in mail.”
  • “Mail does not have to be bedded or copies made which cuts down on time”
  • “Mail prints in order of the bed locations for the housing units.”
  • “We have not had contraband suspected in the mail since implementation.“
  • “We love TextBehind at NPCRV. It makes mail processing incredibly easy. It also eliminates the possibility of contraband, which is a definite plus. I really do think prisons and jails could all benefit from a service like this.”
  • “I would give it 5 stars. Whenever we have had any issues, we email and they have been addressed (and corrected) immediately. “
  • “It is so much more easier, convenient and safer.” “Yes, the mailroom [staff] stated they have not received any grievances regarding TextBehind.”