Eliminate Contraband by 100% from all mail types processed by TextBehind®

TextBehind® has connected hundreds and thousands of loved ones, and since our inception, there has not been a single contraband issue.

You can finally say good-bye to any contraband in the inmate mail for good. And, its FREE for the correctional institutions.


All electronic communications are paid for by the family & friends of the incarcerated loved ones when they use the TextBehind website or mobile app for convenience. Due to affordable cost, value, and faster delivery times, the physical mail volume is reduced, thus making it more affordable to process at no additional cost.

TextBehind® Performance

Based on Actual Data

Contraband Elimination From Inmate Mail
Full control on Mail Review, Approval & Investigations
Reduction in Mail Related Grievances
Reduction in Mail Processing Time and Related Costs
Reduction in Physical Mail Volume and Billing
Customer Service Response within ONE-HOUR
Rating by Family &
4.8 / 5.0
Rating by Correctional Institutions
4.9 / 5.0

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Need to Customize the TextBehind Mail Processing & Delivery Solution?

We can certainly accommodate a wide range of needs for your county correctional facility, state department of corrections of any size, and the institutions under the Federal Bureau Of Prisons across the continental U.S., and abroad.

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Mail Management and Investigative Software

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TextBehind® CAMMP is a purpose-built cloud-based technology that works on all types of computers, browsers, and network environments. This secure system enables the correctional facility mailroom staff to review, redact, reject, approve, and perform many mail management tasks with just a few effortless clicks.

CAMMP continues to evolve to become more powerful, and more practical based on the feedback provided by many correctional institution officers who use this system every day. Their contribution to our system advancement is highly valuable to us.

Cut corners by reducing functions in the system for profits?
No, at TextBehind®, we do not conduct business that way!

Regardless of our service delivery model selected, institution population size, or profitability, you get to take full advantage of everything that TextBehind® CAMMP has to offer. We are proud to provide services based on the most ethical business practices in the industry.

Key Features of the TextBehind® CAMMP System:

  1. Highly Advanced Mail Content Review and Approval System, featuring:
    1. Component break-down view to review every component of communication
    2. Dynamic text and image redaction system
    3. Individual component rejection
    4. Active keyword highlighting
    5. Dynamic mail queue
    6. Mass communication production system (Automatically produces a large volume of personalized documents)
    7. SRG Status Support with Mail Production
    8. Convenient Mail Rejection Reason List
  2. Smart Return To Sender Notifications
  3. Self-managed team account configurations and individualized investigative preferences
  4. TextBehind® IRIS (Dynamic Inmate Roster Ingestion System with Daily Housing Information Updates)
  5. Inmate Mail Block Settings
  6. Outside Connections Management
  7. Inmate Communications Monitoring
  8. Inmate Watch-List for Monitoring
  9. Standard System-Wide Search and Table Specific Quick Search
  10. Auto Content Discovery - (Intelligent Proactive Keywords Setup)
  11. Team Collaboration Feature
  12. Data Export From Historical Mail Archives
  13. Inmate Record Linkage, Merging Gang Identification
  14. Confidential Message Board
  15. Audit Trail
  16. Super Mail Sorting System
  17. Mail Printing Panel
  18. Correctional Institution Specific Internal Policy Announcement System

  1. Mail Stacking for Parallel Processing
  2. Advanced Boolean-Operator Search
  3. 3D Profile Visualizer
  4. Smart Context Search - Based on Artificial Intelligence
  5. Sensitivity-Adjustable Proactive Photo Filteration System - based on Machine Learning
No-Cost Mail Management Software & Service:

As see on Corrections Forum, Forbes, and other platforms, TextBehind® CAMMP is available to ALL correctional facilities at no cost or limitations *. There’s also no infrastructure change or special hardware required.

This system can be implemented on-demand as quickly as the correctional facility may desire.

* Certain basic conditions may apply for the no-cost offering to be valid.

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